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Sander Groen (1971) is an award-winning travel writer and photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Groen is a regular contributor to Holland's second-largest daily newspaper, largest travel magazine, largest monthly magazine and largest weekly magazine.

International titles that have published his travel features include ELLE, Millionaire and National Geographic Traveler.

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Latest travel feature | Africa Incognita

Dancing lizards, fossilised footprints, petrified acacias and eerily well-preserved skeletons galore amidst the orange sand dunes of the world’s oldest desert. Welcome to Namibia, Africa’s sunniest and quietest sandbox. Read on > More travel stories >

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Stock Photography | 11,391 travel photos

Sander Groen's image library is filled with over ten thousand travel photos from around the world, from Amsterdam to Zaragoza and Australia to Zambia. Affordable, high quality pictures, easily ordered online. Start shopping >

Just back from | Sri Lanka

Now the civil war has ended, the pear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean has reopened as a tropical holiday paradise. Off to Sri Lanka for culture, nature, beaches and relaxing in the ayurveda spa. Next month in Kampioen, The Netherlands' largest magazine.

Where next | Mexico's Pacific Coast

Starting next month, there is a direct flight from Amsterdam to Puerto Vallarta for just under 500 euros. Sander Groen travels ahead to investigate the best beaches, coves, restaurants, boat trips and hotels of Mexico's second most popular destination.